Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ice storm 2013

Sorry for the long silence.  I discovered a new site for those of us interested in burials in northern New York, the Northern New York Tombstone Transcription Project.  It contains a very extensive list of burials in Franklin, Clinton and Essex counties.  It meshed perfectly with my research on Revolutionary war burials in northern New York.  By combining several sources and lists for each county, I was able to create my own lists. Searching on Findagrave allowed me to create virtual cemeteries for each county.  The NNYTT project allowed me to find 16 burials that weren't on Findagrave and I'm still researching.

We were caught in the ice storm of 12/21 and were without power for 2 days.  It came back on and then was out again for a few hours when one of the wire near our house came down.  National Grid was there in 20 minutes as they were already in the area.  We were able to operate on the generator we used in the ice storm of 1998, which we bought because of the micro bursts in 1996.  The ice here was 3/4 to 1 inch in thickness, half of what it was in 98 but the storm lasted longer.  The forecast is for a warm weekend.  Ice is falling off the trees and maybe I can get the car out of the ice.

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