Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Additions to Home Page

Added the following families to the Family Events page; Hull-Bellinger, Halleck and Dowsland.  I was looking for people who had worked at Westmoreland Malleable Iron and found these.  My grandfather and his brother worked there as well as Hinds & Harrison Plush in Clark Mills.

A few of the people working at Malleable Iron, such as John Hull,  were Civil War veterans.  I had heard that these once was a mineral springs in Westmoreland.  Samuel Halleck discovered it while searching for coal.  A notice of it's sale at auction appeared in the Roman Citizen in November of 1841.  When I was a youth in Westmoreland, I remember finding a pipe next to the stream in the Spring Woods, just down from Bucky's Pond.  This would be just north of the thruway now.  It tasted of sulphur but not too badly.