Friday, April 27, 2012

Hartson Page Added

While researching Masner, I found so much material on Hartson that I created a Hartson page in the Family events section of my homepage.  In the Rome Semi-Weekly Citizen, I found a long article about a multiple structure fire that burned the hotel, several houses and barns and all associated out houses in Stokes  August 1896.  I've fished in Delta lake and been to the state park and it's interesting to read about people who lived in Delta before it was flooded.  Baretown and Quaker Hill are mentioned but I'm not sure where they were except somewhere north of Rome.

Monday, April 23, 2012

April Snow

An inch of heavy wet snow with high winds today.  We'll be lucky to avoid a power outage.  The new leaves are holding the snow but maybe the wind will shake it off.

Added a few more items to Masner Events.  They reported a thief of $7.25 while they were all away working at a canning factory.  I didn't know there were canning factories in Rome. The family apparently came to New York from Germany in June of 1845.  I can't tie it down exactly because of the early date but based on the dates from the 1880 census for Mary/Anna Masner, b. Germany 1802, it appears they arrived June 6, 1845 and the surname was Maussner or that is what the immigration agent thought he heard. 

Added a new page to Family Events, Jefferson Vets B.  This is more of the obits and news articles I've found while looking for information on veterans buried in Jefferson county.  Someone hit by a train and another caught in old, new then, belt driven farm equipment.  The newspapers when into a lot of detail about injuries back then.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Very odd spring

Very odd spring to be sure. Nice mild days with freezing nights.

Created a Masner page in the Family Events section of my website. It also contains Hartson, Holland and Kipfer. Some of this material was moved from the Others folder which is now quite small. I was asked a question about the Hartsons in my ancestry tree and in answering that, I found more information about the Masner family. Putting it together with the material I already had , it was enough for a new page.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Updated the Family events for Calkins and Applegate. An obituary for Helen Calkins, wife of Perry, was added. On the Applegate page, I was able to add an obituary for Edmund and a news item about the death of his first wife, Nettie King. They had a incubator in the back of their home that was warmed by a kerosene lamp. When the lamp caught fire, she threw it out the window but her clothes caught fire. By the time they were extinguished , she was burned on her lower body and died two weeks later.

Whenever I encounter situations such as " Paul Smith son of Mr. and Mrs John Smith", I enter Paul's father as John in my tree, with no entry for his mother as I don't know her given of maiden name. If it's " Paul, son of Mrs. Mary Smith", I enter his mother as Mary Unknown. It's unlikely her maiden name was Smith and I use Unknown as a place holder. It now appears that one of the largest families in my tree is Unknown and it's surprizing how many people named their children, male and female, Unknown. When things are slow I attempt to clear some of these up but that often result in another Unknown a generation back.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Added updates on Kipers, Dlugolecki, Friberg, Zick and Moda Family Events pages. Updated Coyne Obits and added a Convertino page Family Events.

Very nice weather up here . I was able to search some cemeteries and fill some photo requests. I got ahead of myself and turned on the well in the pump house only to have it freeze and burst some pipes.