Thursday, April 17, 2014

Is it really SPRING? Why is it snowing?

Long time, no post.  Very busy this winter fighting snow and ice.  Now it's spring, I'm replacing the sod I ripped up with the plow truck and cutting up all the limbs taken down by the ice storm.

During the winter, I created Revolutionary War burial lists for Herkimer and Oswego counties.  Now I've returned to Westmoreland history and families.  The Tyler page has wandered into the Siegman, DeRango and Rauscher families.  When I was a lad, I would walk to town and visit the Hull mom and pop grocery store just across the bridge next to the foundry.  Now I have created a Hull page and posted it on my site.  The Hull family goes back to before the Civil War in Westmoreland.  John Hull served in that war and worked at the foundry, as did his sons.  He is buried in Westmoreland Union cemetery.

Just after the Civil War people seem to belong to two groups, those that farmed or those who worked at the foundry.  After 1900 many people started commuting to Rome, Sherrill or Utica.  Once you had a car you could maybe get a better job farther away.  If you decided to move, the old hometown didn't seem so far away.

Started on the Story family, which is very large with a long history in Westmoreland and many connections.