Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cold but Updated

Still continues cold and windy with lots of snow.  Don't want to go out except for supplies.  The bad weather gives me a chance to catch up on genealogy.  Updated my family tree and home page with obits and wedding announcements for Saunders, Swanson, Reese and Flint.

I use for a quick search of dates for burials.  Then I search old newspapers for obits.  Funny how some families are supposed to be all buried in the same cemetery and only some have memorials.  These cemeteries were supposedly completely covered from master lists.   I'll have to search the cemeteries but the older stones can be so hard to read.  So much depends on lighting and since you don't know before hand which way the stone faces, you don't know if lighting will be better in the morning or evening.  Trees or brush near the stone can throw shadows that make things very difficult.

Stay warm.