Sunday, October 21, 2012

2012 Clayton, NY Punkin' Chunk

Yesterday we went to Clayton, NY for the first annual Punkin' Chunk on the site of the old Frink snowplow factory.  Besides the chunk there were many events, horse drawn wagon rides, punkin carving contest, scare crow contest and a BBQ cook off.  The crowd was huge and over whelmed the organizers.  When we left we discovered that the crowd had been blocking the entrance to parking and the streets were backed up.  I'm sure they will be better prepared next year, after all this was the first. 

There were 8 contestants. Please see the slide show below.  Only Team Mangonel suffered a breakdown, with the arm breaking and the winch catching fire.

We chipped some small limbs when we got home and ran of of gas just in time to avoid the rain.  It produced a beautiful double bow.  The violet was really clear.