Sunday, September 9, 2012

Oakwood Cemetery, Theresa

I was there Thursday and Friday looking for 1812 and requested stones.  This is a long thin cemetery and I seem to have a hard time finding stones in it.  Most of the time the stones are grouped by age but they seem unusually mixed here.  Fortunately I was able to find some of what I was looking for.

The first thing seen on entering is the War memorial erected in 1910, featuring the name of the veterans buried in Theresa.  It appears to include both Oakwood and Old Theresa cemeteries.  In case anyone is researching these people or working on veteran graves. I include the list below.

War Memorial, Oakwood Cemetery, Theresa, Jefferson, NY Created 1910

The list seems to cover Oakwood and Old Theresa cemeteries.

List of Deceased Soldiers Buried in Theresa
Who Served in War of 1776

Amasa Allen
John Strong
John G. Hellmer
Martin Sheale

Soldiers Who Served in the War of 1812  

Abram Morrow
Levi Stearns
Rodney Simmons
Cyrus Parker
John Edens
Isaac Green
Hosea Hough
Aaron Dresser
John Rappole
James Pierce
Jacob Buell
George Snell
Alanson West
Sincea Ball
Isaac Cornwell
Zalmon Pool
Loren L. Soper
Nathaniel Parker
Amos Wheeler
William Crandall
John Rivers
Alonson Doolittle
Jonathan Thompson

U.S. Navy

George Kelsey
Patrick Farrell
Isaac Cornwell
Nathan Huntington

Civil War

10th N.Y. Heavy Artillery

John Seymour
George Putman
Frank Duffany
George Baker
Charles Turner
John Church
Frank Bowen
Don Watson
John Simonds
Webster Hewitt
Charles Ripley
Eurastus Green
Nelson Sheley
Thomas Houghtle
Lewis Duffany
Dilbert Spalsbury
Joseph Garso
Isaac Huntington
Joseph Pierce
E. Wilson
Hiram Townsend
L.R. Russel
Adam Fikes
William S. Curtis
Hiram Tyler
George H. Cosgrove

13th N.Y. Heavy Artillery

William P. Nichols
Francis M. Nichols

1st N.Y. Light Artillery

G. D. Hoover
Frank Robinson

5th N.Y. Heavy Artillery

John Goodenough

35th New York Infantry

Reuben Herrick
John Jolly
Fred Allinger
Holland Parker
Walter Thayer
Lewis Finney
George Putman
Holland Britten
Joseph Pierce
August Myers
Julius Butterfield
Alexander Salisbury

94th New York Infantry

Nathan Hildreth
Orren Evans
Nelson Canfield
John Hoover
Charles Pierce
Freeman Phillips
James Pierce
Jacob Barner
Frank Pierce
Riley Witt
Frank Jury
Daniel Ladd
George Babcock
Albert Dickson
George Myers

92nd N.Y. Inf.

Stephen S Nichols

20th NY Calvary

George Chaumont Sargent
Duane Simons
William Tibbles
Lewis Seymour Chrysler Ahles
Charles Merrill
George Baker
Irvin Tibbles
Calvin Ripley
George Parkhurst
John G Cudworth, Maj
Christopher McIntyre

91st NY

D. D. Augsbury
Isaac R Swartwout
James Cornwell
George B. Cornwell

Agar Jarvis 18th N.Y. Cavalry
Adam Kissel 186th N.Y.
John Zeller 186th N.Y.
Munson Pool 186th N.Y.
Eugene Wilson

Spanish American War

Clark Salisbury
Floyd H. Bretch