Friday, June 6, 2014

Veteran's List From 1922

While researching families in Westmoreland, Oneida, NY I found a series of articles in the Daily Sentinel, Rome, NY that listed veterans buried in Oneida county as of 1922.  The list was created by the Sons of Veterans and was printed in 23 articles, on a space available basis, by the Daily Sentinel.  The list contains about 1200 entries, each containing name, unit, birth, death and age.  The wars represented range from the Revolution to World War I but most of the burials are related to the civil war.

What a job of work it must have been to create this list before computers and the internet.  It appears they visited each cemetery and examined the stones and burial records.  What dedication from the Sons of Veterans and the Daily Sentinel.  I felt I had to post this list where it could be found  online.