Monday, May 28, 2012

Jefferson County's Clever Pioneers

I hope you are enjoying Memorial Day.  Just posted a bio for Moses Eames, FAG# 90763142, which I include below.  A very interesting person and another Jefferson county native you've never heard about but who made big contributions to the development of the county.  He and Dr. Samuel Guthrie, FAG# 83084724,  both appear to have been very cleaver and curious men.

The Oswego Daily Palladium, Oswego, NY, Wednesday, June 8, 1892, Page 6, Column 4

Death of a Jefferson County Pioneer

Moses Eames, one of the pioneers of Jefferson county, died at his home in Watertown yesterday. Mr. Eames was one of the oldest residents of Jefferson county and his family was among the earliest pioneers, his father, Daniel Eames, locating in Rutland in 1802. Moses was the ninth son and twelfth of thirteen children. He was born in Rutland, March 19th, 1808. He was always interested in agriculture and kindred pursuits and it was he who discovered the present method of manufacturing cheese. The original portable steam engine was also a product of his brain. He was a member of the Hunter lodge, an organization connected with the Patriot war, in 1838. He represented Jefferson county in the Legislature in 1855, was author of the bill passed that year providing for the organization of agricultural societies. He was a Republican, an Odd Fellow, a member of the Sons of Temperance and was a vice president of the Jefferson County Historical Society since it's formation.

Jefferson County Journal, Adams, NY Tuesday, June 21, 1892

Hon. Moses Eames, one of the oldest residents of Jefferson county, and ??? ???  died at his home in Watertown, Tuesday morning, aged 84 years. Mr. Eames was possessed of an inventive mind. He gave to Jefferson county the credit of the discovery of the present method of manufacturing American cheese. The original portable steam engine was also a product of his brain. In 185? he introduced the first drain tile; and in 1852 the first mowing machine in his section. Mr. Eames was also preeminent in Republican politics. Before the war he sided many slaves to escape to Canada. He was educated at Lowville academy.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I use the Firefox browser and after the last update, it started hanging up after shutdown.  Ccleaner said it couldn't finish the cleaning because Firefox was still open, and I couldn't restart it because the profile was in use.  Installed the Ghostery add on, a tracker blocker, and haven't had the problem since.  The trackers must have been causing the shut down to hang.

While researching Calkins in Oswego county, NY, I found a interesting article in the Pulaski Democrat, 1884 about the coming of 4 Calkins families to the Town of Richland.  They were living in Ontario just before the War of 1812 and had to sign a loyalty oath to the Crown or get out.  They chose to go and ended up in Oswego county.  I'll post it on my site as soon as it's transcribed.  That could take a while as it's tree columns long.

Bobolinks, Wilson's snipes and barn swallows are back.  The frogs sing most nights.