Sunday, July 31, 2011

I've taken some tomb stone photos and was looking for a place to post them. Finally settled on as it seems to offer the most options. It's free to join, covers the whole world and the images can be down loaded for free. It also offers bio, obits and memorials. You can even leave flowers.

So far I've entered some Engles in Rural cemetery, Oswego, Oswego, NY and Cohen/Coyne in St. Mary's, Clinton, Oneida, NY. If you search by name and cemetery, they should come up.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Added a Moda section. A Lebanese family living in the Clark Mills area. Connected to the Coynes via the Shepherds. This section has the second account of a son dying in WW 2. Anthony J Moda, a paratrooper, died fighting east of the Rhine.

Theodore R Flint was the first that I found. He was in the Navy, a Carpenters Mate, and died in an accident. I was in the Navy and never heard of a CM rating. Perhaps it was an old rating now discontinued or perhaps he was a Sea Bee.

Still working on John Lawrence Coyne's WW I history. Every thing seems to lead to a dead end.