Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dlugolecki Update

Spent some time in the Utica library looking up obituaries.  I had the dates of death from the social security death records but did not cover the dates.  Two great new viewing machines there but we had to wait our turn.  We played with the other machines but they are junk and should be thrown out.

However the obituaries for most of the children of  Wladyslaw and Maryanna Walkuski Dlugolecki were found and are now posted on my homepage.

On, I found a tree, "Family Tree for Mark", owned by KRBranch that gave all of Wladyslaw's (Walter's) siblings and parents.  A search at fultonhistory turned up some data that made me believe the tree was accurate so I have included it in my tree.  This is linked from my homepage.  KRBranch has not, to date, responded to my messages.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

First Sounds

You may have noticed that the Library of Congress just decided to preserve some sounds or recordings.  Here are some links to hear them.

The first sounds ever recorded.  They were not meant to be played back only to observe the tracings on blackened glass plates.  Now a way has been found to hear them.  Listen to them at First Sounds.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game by Ed Meeker.  Hear all the words in an mp3 file at Public Domain 2ten.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Just added an Egnaczyk page to Family events and updated the rootsweb tree.

Apparently John and Anthony came from Poland to Sublet, WY to mine coal.  You may have heard of Sublet in the news recently.  Apprantly they have the nations highest ozone levels because of the gas wells in the southern part of the town.

The 1910 census shows them as coal miners of Aust.-Polish descent.  They are renting a house together.  Two doors down was an apparent boarding house.  It shows 32 boarders before running off the bottom of the form, all of Japanese descent.

I'll bet it was a beautiful, wild town to raise a family, which they did before moving to Boonville, Oneida county, NY.