Friday, May 3, 2013

Post Boot Life

The boot came off last Saturday.  The foot seems OK but stiff and hard to walk on.  Hopefully this will change over time.  I see the Doc on Monday.

The PA certificates of death started showing up, 4 months after they were ordered.   That's about when they said to expect them.  Very informative especially with dates of birth and sometimes names of parents.  They seem to be filled out by the funeral home.  The name of the informant is usually the spouse or a child.  Amazing how many don't know the names of their grand parents or in laws. Overall, well worth the $3 and the wait.

Finally sent requests for obit look up to the Tamaqua Public library in Tamaqua, PA.  They found 8 out of 12.  HURRAY!  Turns out The Tamaqua Evening Courier was the paper of choice for obits among my PA ancestors.  That explains why the other libraries couldn't find much. 

I haven't completely absorbed them into my tree but it does add a son who went by himself to Oshkosh, WI.  I had found him in the WW I draft registrations but couldn't tie him in.  Best of all it ties the Taves/Tews family to the rest via Hannah Rhode's obit mentioning a sister in Allentown.  This had been mentioned before in the obit for August Friberg but I couldn't find other support for it until now.

Bought a Celestron 100mm scope for bird watching.  Great for star gazing also.  Haven't quite mastered it yet.

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