Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rough December

My wife and I were both out of action all of December and some of January with colds.  I also discovered that I have gout in my right foot.  The snow is almost gone but it's not over yet. We'll get more, I'm sure.  The warm weather has ended and we expect it to go  below 0 at night for a while.

Returned to research on Rhode/ Rohde/Rohda/Roady , Farhman and Friberg in Carbon county, PA.  I discovered the PA Death Index and was able to pin down a lot of dates of death.  It's well worth your time to download the explanation of the Soundex system before you start searching.  It turns out that instead of searching for Rhode, I should have searched for R 300.

Armed with seven death dates I hired a researcher at the Dimmick Library in Jim Thorpe, PA but she has only been able to locate one obit.  Oh, well.  Genealogy is full of ups and downs.

Had a lot of success with the federal census on ancestry.  I added Olson, Gibson, Fabian, Jenkins (new branch), Balthaser, Freyman, Tippett and Keefer to the family tree.  Up to 3919 people in the tree.

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