Friday, April 13, 2012


Updated the Family events for Calkins and Applegate. An obituary for Helen Calkins, wife of Perry, was added. On the Applegate page, I was able to add an obituary for Edmund and a news item about the death of his first wife, Nettie King. They had a incubator in the back of their home that was warmed by a kerosene lamp. When the lamp caught fire, she threw it out the window but her clothes caught fire. By the time they were extinguished , she was burned on her lower body and died two weeks later.

Whenever I encounter situations such as " Paul Smith son of Mr. and Mrs John Smith", I enter Paul's father as John in my tree, with no entry for his mother as I don't know her given of maiden name. If it's " Paul, son of Mrs. Mary Smith", I enter his mother as Mary Unknown. It's unlikely her maiden name was Smith and I use Unknown as a place holder. It now appears that one of the largest families in my tree is Unknown and it's surprizing how many people named their children, male and female, Unknown. When things are slow I attempt to clear some of these up but that often result in another Unknown a generation back.

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